5 Essential Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Back For Working Professionals In Grand Rapids MI?

5 Essential Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Back for Working Professionals in Grand Rapids MI?

Do you spend most of your workday either sitting at a desk or standing in one place? If so, your back may be suffering more than you realize.

Here at The Chiropractic Doctors it's our goal to provide valuable expertise and services to assist working professionals in maintaining a healthy back, particularly by addressing issues related to spinal health.

Here are five essential tips for maintaining a healthy back, even if you're a busy working professional.

1. Positional Variation: The Key to Back Health
The human body is not designed to sit all day, nor is it meant to stand all day. The key to maintaining a healthy back is positional variation.

Try to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, ideally in 30 to 60-minute increments. If you sit for an hour, aim to stand for an hour. This variation helps relieve the pressure and strain on your back.

2. Embrace Active Sitting
While sitting, make sure to sit evenly on both hips. Avoid crossing your legs, leaning to one side, or sitting twisted. To further enhance your sitting experience, incorporate active sitting.

Use a vestibular disc or proprioceptive disc on your chair. These devices can help maintain the supportive curves in your spine by forcing you to sit tall and straight. Active sitting can also generate movement and improve flexibility in your lower back and hips, aiding in overall spinal health.

3. Adjust Your Monitor for Optimal Posture
The position of your monitor can significantly impact your posture and, in turn, the health of your back. Your eye level should align with the top third height of the monitor.

This adjustment ensures a neutral posture, eliminating the need to strain your neck and back while looking at your screen throughout the workday.

4. Incorporate Short, Regular Walks
Taking short, 5 to 8-minute walks throughout your workday can be incredibly beneficial for your back health. These brief excursions, especially when done outside, promote lymphatic circulation.

The lymphatic system, which removes waste from your cells, relies on movement for effective functioning. Make these walks a no-technology zone-leave your phone and sunglasses behind.

Direct sunlight into your eyes can help set your circadian rhythm, leading to better, deeper sleep when it's time for bed.

5. Stay Hydrated
Hydration plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy back. Every process in the body requires water, including the nourishment of the delicate disks and joints in your spine.

Aim for a daily water intake of approximately 70% of your total body weight (in ounces). Try to drink this amount of water during the first 10 hours that you are awake each day if you can. This means that If you weigh 200lbs, you'll want to drink 140 oz of water within the first ten hours after waking up, so 14 oz/hour.

These five tips can help anyone maintain a healthier back, regardless of their profession or work environment. By implementing positional variation, active sitting, proper monitor adjustment, regular walks, and sufficient hydration, you can promote better spinal health and overall wellbeing. Your body will thank you! Book an appointment now with the Chiropractic Doctors in Grand Rapids, MI!

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