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Individuals who enjoy engaging in athletic activities often sustain injuries that result in pain, swelling and impairment of mobility. These problems can not only prevent them from continuing their sports activities, but also affect the ability to perform tasks in everyday life. Traditional medicine offers a number of treatments for these problems, but these often involve the use of pharmaceutical or surgery. For those who prefer a drug-free, non-invasive approach to healing, chiropractic care in Grand Rapids MI can offer relief from pain and improved function, so you can return to your activities ready to perform at optimum levels.

Common Sports Injuries In Grand Rapids MI

Sports injuries generally fall into a number of categories. Athletes may experience muscle injuries, ligament pulls or overuse issues. Groin pulls, shoulder pulls, back sprains, knee injuries, hamstring sprains and ankle sprains are among the most common problems. These injuries can cause acute pain at the time of the injury. However, if not properly treated, they can also lead to chronic pain issues. Our chiropractors can provide proper diagnosis of these problems and can design a customized plan to repair injured tissues and relieve pressure on nerves that may lead to ongoing pain.

Chiropractic Treatment of Sports Injuries

Our Chiropractors can provide help for sports injuries with a number of treatment modalities. Spinal screening can detect problems with alignment that cause pain in the lower back, neck and extremities. Manual adjustment can help to relieve neuropathy and problems with leg pain. Massage therapy is used to improve circulation to affected areas to help carry blood and nutrients to aid healing. Spinal decompression may be needed to relieve pressure on spinal discs to relieve pain. Corrective exercises improve strength and range-of-motion, so you can resume your normal activities. Your chiropractor can also offer lifestyle recommendations to prevent further injury to affected areas of the body.

The Chiropractic Doctors For Your Sports Injury Care

Dr. Matthew Phinney and the staff at The Chiropractic Doctors use their combined years of experience to provide the highest quality chiropractic care for their patients in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding communities. We use a variety of techniques to heal injuries and improve function related to sports injuries and other conditions. Using our state-of-the art equipment, we will diagnose your problem and design a customized care program to suit your individual needs.

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