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Chiropractor Grand Rapids MI Matthew Phinney With Team
Chiropractor Grand Rapids MI Matthew Phinney Meet The Team


Matthew Phinney D.C.

This is Dr Matt Phinney! Dr. Matt graduated at the top of his class from Palmer College of Chiropractic!! He loves to play rugby and golf when he has the chance (fun fact, he use to play on the Canadian National Rugby team back in his younger days). 

Originally getting into Chiropractic after hurting his shoulder playing rugby, he fell in love with helping those in need. He has a lovely wife, 1 beautiful daughter, and two energetic boys at home that keep him young! He loves a good dad joke and will personally assign you a unique nickname that he thinks is hilarious (just go with it). Please get your dad jokes ready.

Chiropractor Grand Rapids MI Drew Bailey Meet The Team


Drew Bailey D.C.

Meet Dr. Drew Bailey. He is from the lovely small village of Bellaire, Michigan. He graduated from Logan University in 2021! When he is not treating patients, he enjoys golfing/watching golf, going for runs/training for marathons, listening to vinyl records, and making people laugh with his sarcastic humor.

He takes great pride in his mustache that he has made his signature look! If you ever need to talk sports, he is your go-to guy!

Chiropractic Grand Rapids MI Rachel Meet The Team

Office Manager

Rachel Denherder

This is Rachel, one of our lovely chiropractic assistants! Rachel loves to wake up bright and early (5 am) Rachel loves dogs of all sizes but has a special place in her heart for those under 4.5 lbs. She has one of her own, Miss Butterscotch ("Scotchies") - ask to see one of the many pictures in our office!

Some of Rachel's hobbies include: volleyball, baking, finishing a 1,000+ piece puzzle in one day, and going for hikes. She is the sweetest, most loveable joy of sunshine in the office, so make sure you come get to know her!

Chiropractic Grand Rapids MI Brittany Meet The Team

Office Manager

Brittany DeWindt

This is Brittany! She is the sunshine in our office. You will always be greeted when you walk in the door with her positive attitude and cheerful smile. She enjoys crafting, especially coffee mugs, and spending time with her family. 

Her favorite foods consist of pretzel bites! She will always be able to put a smile on your face no matter what kind of mood you are in, and will always offer a hug to make anything better!

Chiropractic Grand Rapids MI Lauren Meet The Team

Office Manager

Lauren Fisher

This is Lauren! When she is not in the office, she is most likely planning her wedding, playing with her dog, helping her fiancé renovate a home, or hanging out with friends or family! She loves any and all snacks and has an adventurous palette. She is a goofy, blonde ball of energy who always has a beautiful smile on her face!

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