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People of all ages can experience lower back pain, but if you’re experiencing sharp pains that shoot down your lower back and into your legs, you could be dealing with sciatica. Sciatica commonly occurs with disc degeneration in the spine or an injured herniated disc. Usually, sciatica only affects one side of the body but can affect both. It can feel like an electric shock or a mild ache when you cough or move. In some cases, the pain will go away over time, and in others, you’ll need to meet with a sciatica chiropractor in Wyoming MI for pain relief.

Chiropractor in Wyoming MI for Sciatica

Even though sciatica can be very challenging, a chiropractor at The Chiropractic Doctors in Wyoming, MI can provide exceptional care, and help you recover while relieving your pain and limiting complications. In severe cases, sciatica can be very debilitating, impacting your ability to walk, affecting your range of motion, comfort, and causing severe pain. If you’re tired of living with sciatica and want to try a natural approach to sciatica treatment and pain management, contact our facility today and let the team at The Chiropractic Doctors improve your quality of life and put you on the path to health and wellness.

What Causes Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve begins at the lower part of the spine and runs down the thigh, dividing at the knee. When the nerve is pinched it causes pain.

Some risk factors of sciatica include:


At the body grows older, the soft center of the spinal discs can push through cracks in the exterior casing.


More body weight can place stress on the spine.

Prolonged Sitting

A person with a sedentary lifestyle or sitting longer than 6+ hours/day is at a higher risk of developing sciatica.


Diabetes is a chronic condition that increases a person’s risk of nerve damage, which can increase their risk of developing sciatica and make it more difficult for the body to heal and recover in its own.

Sciatica Home Treatment

Sciatica is often treated with self-care measures. The first couple of days of sciatica pain can be treated with ice to help reduce inflammation. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories can also used to reduce inflammation and pain. After the first week, contrast treatments of alternating heat and ice an be used to increase the blood flow to the affected area. Heat can relax the muscles, allowing you to stretch them, while ice decreases inflammation and pain. While it may seem counterintuitive, movement can help with sciatica pain. A person may want to relax due to the pain, but resting in bed or in a couch will not improve sciatica symptoms and often times can make it worse. Mild flexion and extension exercises can help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

Chiropractic treatment can be the perfect solution for sciatica. Chiropractic care is a drug-free, non-invasive method that helps the body heal itself. Because of their knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, a chiropractor can use specific adjustments and spinal decompression paired with curve corrective traction and laser to help alleviate sciatica pain. They will also apply pressure to certain points of the nervous system to start the healing process and relax muscles.

Chiropractors can also use other types of non-invasive therapies that can help heal the body and relieve pain. Applying cold and heat to the right areas of the body and knowing when to use each treatment can be very beneficial.

Spinal Decompression and Spinal Adjustments

A chiropractor will use spinal decompression to minimize pressure on the sciatic nerve to improve mobility and reduce pain. Using chiropractic adjustments, a chiropractor will also ensure that the vertebrae in the back are aligned properly.

Chiropractic Exercises

Corrective exercises focusing on mobility and stability can be used to improve muscular support in the lower back. These exercises can alleviate the stress placed on the sciatic nerve.

Lifestyle Changes

Dietary changes and the addition of exercise can help patients recover from sciatica more quickly. Your chiropractor can recommend a healthy diet with specific targeted supplements that can help you heal faster and possibly lose weight in the process, to minimize the stress that’s placed on the sciatic nerve and spine.

Other Ways We Can Help

At The Chiropractic Doctors, we also help patients who are suffering from:

  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain
  • Headache pain
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Lumbar spine pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Auto accident injuries
  • And more.

Our licensed professionals can provide chiropractic care that can address your chronic pain issues using natural treatment methods that are gentle and effective.

Contact The Chiropractic Doctors Today

If you’re struggling to manage your sciatic pain, contact the team at The Chiropractic Doctors today to schedule an appointment. At your initial appointment, we will examine you to identify painful areas and the root cause and create a personalized treatment plan that will put you on the path to health and wellness.

At The Chiropractic Doctors, we can help you meet your health goals using a holistic approach to sciatica treatment that will prevent ongoing pain and sciatica flare-ups in the future. Contact our facility today to schedule an appointment.

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