Top Three Reasons Your Back Pain Has Not Gotten Better In Grand Rapids MI

Top Three Reasons Your Back Pain Has Not Gotten Better in Grand Rapids MI

Improper Workplace Ergonomics
The first reason your back pain may not be getting better is that your workplace ergonomics are not properly adjusted to you.

One of the most common problems is using a monitor that is too low. It is also possible that your chair can be too high.

You want to make sure the monitor is set to the top-third height of your eye level gaze, with your head looking straight forward.

This means that you should not be looking down or up at your monitor, but straight forward at the top third of the screen.

Another common mistake would simply be sitting in one spot or one position for too long.

I always recommend positional variation, meaning a 1 to 1 sit-to-stand ratio. If you sit for 30 minutes, you want to match that with a period of standing for 30 minutes as well.

Poor Sleeping Habits
Another common thing I see is poor sleeping habits, specifically people that lay on their stomach to sleep.

Here's why sleeping on your stomach causes back and neck pain - Since one's head is twisted for the entire night while stomach sleeping, there is a large amount of strain on the upper back and neck.

I always recommend that back sleeping on one's back is the best position to sleep in.

Misdirected Focus
The third reason is oftentimes are focused on the pain itself and not actually correcting what's causing the pain.

If you are treating the symptoms with medications, anti-inflammatories, and painkillers, you may feel better in the short term.

In the long term, as the problem persists, it can become more painful and make the damage worse. What I always recommend is to focus your solution on what's causing the pain, but not the pain itself.

All things considered, there are many simple things that might be causing your back pain to persist despite being under consistent chiropractic care in Grand Rapids MI. Work to improve these factors, and your back pain may more easily be reduced.

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